Disk Free Daemon
Since I administrate some GNU Linux boxes remotely, it always freakes me out that they could get stuck when disk space runs out. So I wrote a little script to run the 'df' command as a daemon: Check if file-systems are filled beyond a certain percentage of their size (values can be specified on a per file-system basis) in regular time intervals. In case of an overfull disk, an email is sent to the administrator.
I wrote an init script for Debian Unstable to start the daemon at boot time.
BASH Skeleton
"new_script" is a BASH script which can be called to create a new script skeleton/template interactively. After using it for a while, I wrote my own skeleton, based on the output of new_script.
I like it and all my newer scripts are based on it. It has one nifty feature: If you do your editing with Emacs, it supports the "outline-minor-mode" which creates a menu for jumping to functions defined in your script. I created the following screenshot.
Over here at, a FTP server is used for backups which are done with the help of a simple backup script. I'm quoting from the script:
"Shell program to backup specified directories as gzip'ed tar archives on certain days on a ftp server, keeping a number of older archives of the directories there (max is 10) and removing superfluous ones. Additionally, the list of packages on a Debian system is archived."
Xplanet Update Cloudmap
I don't really like KDE or GNOME as desktop environments. Larswm is my window manager of choice. The only luxury I'm allowing myself is an animated background, using Xplanet.
Xplanet has a nice feature: You can download a (nearly) up to date map of the clouds and use it with Xplanet. Two download scripts are listed here, but I wasn't too happy with them (although I did use the one written in Python for a long time). What nagged me about them was their irritating behaviour to download even the "file not found" page if there was no cloudmap available. So I wrote my own download script which checks if it has really downloaded a cloudmap before replacing the one in use.
That means that you may end up with an old one, but you have always nice clouds for xplanet.